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Session: 2018-19

Download the exam schedule for the session: 2018-19


Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation

Uniform System of Assessment

Formative Assessment I, II, III and IV , SA I, SA II were conducted

Student will be examined in the following method:

1. 20 marks internal Assessment which constitute Periodic tests(10), Note book submission (5) and subject enrichment activities (5)

2. 80 marks in Annual Examination

There was grading system.

Minimum grade  to pass was D

Both marks and grades are given.

A student has to pass by securing 33% in internal assessment and session ending examinations separately.

For classes I and II, 8 cycle assessment was followed.

For classes I and II, existing scheme of 8 cycle assessment would continue


For classes III to VIII, pattern of assessment will be implemented having 2 terms.(1st term and 2nd term). However both the terms will be treated separately.

Students securing E Grade were  kept in EIOP


In classes VI to VIII, student scoring E grade in Half yearly and Session Ending examination can be given opportunity to improve their performance.

Tests conducted were not having cumulative content.

For classes IX and X, Tests conducted are cumulative.

Co-scholastic activities were graded in 5 point grading scale with descriptive indicators.

Co-scholastic activities were graded in 5 point grading scale without descriptive indicators..


Upscaling was done on the basis of Co-curricular activities

No Upscaling is there.